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Service information
Service Face & Body Treatments
Duration depends on the service
Rate depends on the service
Service Location Our Facilities
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Face & Body Treatments with Greek and International touch for you to chose.

Face Treatments

Deep Cleansing

A classic face treatment which targets to specific problems such as breakouts and clogged pores, leaving your skin fresher and healthier.

about: 1:30h 60.00 €

Santorini Red Wine Treatment dry (dry skin)

This blend of leaves and seeds from the unique red grapes of Santorini with the PCO molecules moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity and fights wrinkles.

50 min 60.00 €

Olive face treatment (oily skin)

Ideal for oily and sensitive skin, the precious olive rejuvenates, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the face. The 100% natural ingredients are totally absorbed in the skin giving it a velvety texture, protecting from any tense sun exposure.

50 min 60.00 €

Herbal Olive Oil face treatment (dry skin)

The precious organic extra virgin olive oil along with the miraculous Greek herbs hydrate the dry skin protecting it from free radicals, helping with discolorations while leaving it bright and luminous.

50 min 60.00 €

Chocolate Face Treatment (dry skin)

Help moisturize, revitalize and protect your dry skin after the strong sun exposure. This treatment based on natural Mayan cocoa with the strong ant.

50 min 50.00 €

Caviar & Marine DNA Treatment (anti-aging)

Moisturize and nourish your skin with caviar extract from sturgeon roe, DNA from salmon eggs and marine collagen. lt provides 24 hour anti-aging protection to the skin while visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

50 min 70.00 €

Golden Line Face Treatment (anti-aging)

A luxurious, anti-aging face treatment with two masks based on 24K gold, silk proteins and oligopeptides which effectively moisturize the skin, fight free radicals and rejuvenate.

50 min 70.00 €

Whitening Treatment (oily skin)

Natural elixirs based on fruit acids and Vitamin C which aim to help the oily skin with gradual rejuvenation, firmness and brightness.

50 min 50.00 €

Colagen Face Treatment (anti-aging)

Fight wrinkles, expression line, firms, tones the skin and redetining the facial contour. This exquisite formula with natural fresh collagen leaving the skin soft and youthful.

50 min 50.00 €

Body Treatments
One hour of body scrub, body masque & moisturizing cream

Santorini Volcanic Mud (help muscular pains)

The magic volcanic earth of Santorini gives the blend of volcanic minerals which have fat burning properties and help drastically with arthritis and muscle pain. Relax and let this miraculous combination boost your metabolism and firm your body.

1:00 h 70.00 €

Greek Nature Body Treatment (silky smooth skin)

All the benefits from the Greek herbs and plants used since the ancient ages form a unique blend enriched with vitamins and precious essential oils leaving the skin silky smooth and the mind totally rejuvenated.

1:00 h 70.00 €

Helen of Troy (super-hydrating)

Moisturize, revitalize and sooth your skin with the natural Greek honey harvested in Cyclades.

1:00 h 70.00 €

Luxurious Cleopatra Treatment (after sun)

Straight from the wisdom of ancient Egypt, the donkey milk soothes the skin irritations and the sunburns while protecting.

1:00 h 90.00 €

Detoxifying Green tea Body Treatment (antioxidant)

A heaven ingredient for oily skin, green tea, due to Vitamin C, tones the skin, soothes the redness and helps to fight discolorations leaving the skin tighter and brighter.

1:00 h 80.00 €

Minoan Era Carob treatment (tighter skin)

The secret of the Minoan era which became the miracle weapon used by the concubines of the sultans' harems before "visiting" the royal bed. Deeply nourish your skin which will become tighter, brighter and orient fragranced.

1:00 h 80.00 €

Seaweed and black pepper treatment (anti-cellulite)

Feel the magic touch of the Aegean seaweed blend with the spicy black pepper cleans the skin from impurities, tones the blood circulation and helps with the water retention and the bloated feeling.

1:00 h 90.00 €

Golden Line Body Treatment (anti-aging)

The power of 24K gold creates a luxurious, rich oil which helps with body firming, microcirculation and ageing leaving the skin supple and fresh.

1:00 h 100.00 €

Luscious Chocolate Body Treatment (condition)

The Mayan chocolate rich in cocoa butter will not only indulge your appetite but it will also condition the damaged skin giving back its elasticity and decreasing the sensitivity to the sun. Its anti-oxidant properties smoothes and tones all the skin types.

1:00 h 70.00 €