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Select among Deep Tissue, Greek - Mediterranean, Relaxing, Spa and 30 Minutes Special Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue Massages
(Using Strong Pressure)

Swedish Massage

Using firm pressure, the blood circulation and the lymphatic flow increase aiding to the relaxation and relief of the body. Ideal for sedentary office workers or those who don't exercise.

60 min 85.00 €

Athletic Massage

Using stronger pressure and various techniques, we focus on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, tendons and fascia in order to relieve back tightness, sore shoulders and aches in overused muscles by flashing away the accrued lactic acid.

50 min 75.00 €

Thai Massage in combination with Swedish Massage

East meets West in this fusion massage which helps with headaches, sleep improvement, physical and emotional tension and release of blocked energy.

60 min 85.00 €

Ancient Greek Sport Massage

Following the Wisdom of the ancient Greeks, we use tapping motions along with the antioxidant olive oil to increase the microcirculation, stimulate the blood circulation and relax the muscles after tense exercise. Ideal for rehabilitation from sports injuries.

60 min 85.00 €

Muscular pain (Ideal against muscular pain)

An ancient Greek eucalyptus and amica oil recipe ideal for cases of tight muscles and crick's.

60 min 85.00 €

Polynesian Massage (antioxydant)

A massage with the Monoe de Tahiti oil which is famous for the deep hydration of the skin and the balance of the body energy and spirit as well.

60 min 85.00 €

Greek - Mediterranean Massages
Using medium (or Relax) pressure

Greek Olive Oil Massage

Combine the benefits of Swedish massage with those of the highly anti-oxidant Greek olive oil, renowned as the ultimate Greek medicine with its moisturizing, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory properties.

60 min 95.00 €

Donkey Milk Massage

The secret ingredient of Cleopatra's beauty has a composition rich in fat, cassein, vitamins, minerals and biostimulines. Its regenerative and healing properties make it a perfect anti-ageing treatment.

60 min 75.00 €

Yoghurt Massage

Nothing more hydrating and moisturizing than the yogurt as used by the Greek grannies. The lactic acid firms the skin while soothing the redness and the irritation caused by the sun exposure or the urban environmental pollution.

60 min 75.00 €

Herbal Massage

This unique bouquet of natural oils from herbs & plants of the Greek earth along with the vitamins and the mastic oil contrlbutes to a soft & smooth skin and a stress free body.

60 min 75.00 €

Green Tea Massage

The tonic, astringent and exfoliating properties of green tea are ideal for oily skin. Its big percentage in Vitamin C helps with problems of skin discoloration making the skin look brfghter.

60 min 75.00 €

Greek Aromatotherapy Massage

A massage with fruit and flower extracts coming from the Greek nature.

60 min 75.00 €

Honey Massage

This natural moisturizing ingredient, full in magnesium, potassium and zinc, is Ideal for all skin types helping improve the skin condition and keep the body and mind fresh and rejuvenated.

60 min 75.00 €

Volcano Hot Springs Shell Massage

Enjoy the refreshing massage with the hot shells of the Mediterranean Sea so you can feel the warmth of the Greek sun and the benefits of the Santorini volcanic springs.

60 min 75.00 €

Relaxing Massages
(or medium pressure)

Asian Massage

A great way to help the body get rid of tension and reach wellness with motions that follow the same direction of blood flow to the heart, resulting in relaxed muscles and refreshed spirit.

60 min 75.00 €

Rose Massage

Combine the benefits of Asian massage with those of rose which is famous for its antidepressant, antispasmodic, laxative and healing properties.

60 min 75.00 €

Vanilla Massage

Combine the benefits of Asian massage with those of vanilla, the oil of Aphrodite, which is extremely relaxing fighting insomnia, stress and tension.

60 min 75.00 €

Golden Massage

Combine the benefits of Asian massage with those of the luxurious 23K gold oil, rich in silk proteins, which moisturizes, boosts the lymphatic system and fights cellulite leaving the skin smooth, radiant and fresh.

60 min 75.00 €

Candle Massage

Live a memorable experience while the warm oil slides over your body nourishing deeply your skin. Choose the scent which, not only will create a beautifully perfumed ambience, but will also contribute to the relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, mind and soul.

60 min 75.00 €

Romeo and Juliet Massage

Afrodite, the goddess of love, inspired the love potion blend of jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and ylang-ylang which the couples used to arouse their senses. That's a sensual, couple's only massage.

(couple) 60 min 140.00 €

Pregnant Massage

Perfect for after the first trimester, this massage is practiced while you are at your side with a pillow between your legs. Keeping the safety and relaxation both of you and the baby, we relieve the body from muscle and joint aches while reducing anxiety and stress.

60 min 75.00 €

Spa Massages

80 minutes of relaxing massage & a masque or scrub
(pressure of your choice)

Gift of nature

The purtfying blend of seeds from Greek and Mediterranean herbs and plants meets the unique mixture of natural mastic oil to tone the skin, rejuvenate it and keep it smooth and soft.

80 min 100.00 €

Gods wellness

The nutritious honey from the bees foraging the Greek flowers meets the milk to give a soothing mixture which rejuvenates body, mind and soul giving a glowing skin.

80 min 100.00 €

Yoghurt with Olive Oil (after sun)

The organic olive oil unites its unique properties with the nourishing lactic acid of the yogurt to leave your skin utterly moisterized, supple and firm.

80 min 100.00 €

Santorini Wine Memories

The unique red grape varieties of Santorini give this excellent antioxidant full of flavonoids and polyphenols. Cleanse, tone and firm your skin with this nutritious element directly from the earth of Santorini.

80 min 100.00 €

The Gift of Sea

A combination of hot sea shells and organic seaweeds which gives you the sensation of the sea and the relaxation of lying on the beach.

80 min 100.00 €

Earth and Sea

The sea salt of Milos with its purifying properties meets the highly anti-oxidant Greek olive oil which Is renowned as the ultimate Greek medicine for its moisturizing, and-ageing. anti-inftammatory properties.

80 min 100.00 €

Memories of Geisha

Let the Vitamin C of the lemon do the miracle and tone the skin, sooth the redness, fight discoloration and free radicals and contribute to youthful skin.

80 min 100.00 €

Minoan Era Carob treatment

The secret of the Minoan era which became the miracle weapon used by the concubines of the sultans' harems before "visiting" the royal bed lt makes the skin tight and sleek.

80 min 100.00 €

Golden Memories

This luxurious oil blend of 23K gold, silk proteins and ginger will become your favorite way to a silky smooth, radiant and fresh skin.

80 min 100.00 €

30 Minutes Special Massage Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This form of light massage encourages the lymph flow of the is ideal for detoxification, edema and cellulite.

30 min 40.00 €

Back Massage

This quick relief of neck, back and shoulder is ideal for the relief of everyday stress and tension helping those who are in a hurry or spend their time working on computers.

30 min 40.00 €

Head Massage

The rosemary and lavender oil used In this massage along with the targeted motions of the hands help immediately with headaches stimulating the nervous system.

30 min 40.00 €


It's an alternative medicine from China based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.

30 min 40.00 €

Sea Reflexology

Reflexology with antioxidant sea minerals (flavonoids) which helps you to relax your tired feet.

30 min 40.00 €